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Nazareth Convent High School was started on 26th July 1875 by Mary of the Passion, Foundress of the congregation of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

Nazareth Convent High School was started on 26th july 1985 by Mary of the Passion, Foundress of the Congregation of Francisan Missionaries of Mary. The School prepares students for the Indian Certificate of School Examination.

About Us

Committed to this mission of Christ and true to the ideals and vision of Mary of the Passion, our Foundress, we, the sisters of the Fransican Missionaries of Mary, consider schools powerful agent of social transformation.

Integral formation includes the growth of the individuals personality as well as ones capacity to adjust to ones environment and integeration into ones community, society and nation, while accepting ones responsibility in the Universal brotherhood.

The motto of our school “Towards Truth And Love” embodies the spiritual and moral principles of our formation – Love of God and ones brothers and sisters ,together with an unrelenting search for truth in all circumstances of ones life.


To create a congenial environment which letting out the talents of the learner is centered methodology in a safe and supportive environment. Our obj

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Save the Chidrens education programs help kids reach their potential. It’s time to let the wholeness of the child engage with the wholeness.


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